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! Production of chemical free Airstreams and Prefab housing is on hold till further notice !


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1968 20' (solar) Airstream Globetrotter.....................................!!!!!SOLD!!!!

Completed and ready to go, this beauty is Taylor Design Healthy Home’s most recent creation.

The design of this restored 20’ Airstream gives you effortless versatility. The exterior of the trailer was restored to its historic state and polished to a mirror like finish. This trailer was fitted with a brand new awning providing extra outdoor living space during the summer months.  The roof of the Airstream has been designed with two low profile solar panels spanning the length of the roof. This trailer combines style, design, and functionality. The luxury interior is completely outfitted with cutting edge amenities:

-Electric three burner cook top with a hood range
-Electric/ gas refrigerator
-Cutting Board
-Computer ready office area
-Sleeping alcove
-Fold-down table in the sleeping quarters
-Gas or electric heat
-Air conditioning
-Built in audio system with CD player and iPod hookup
-Water filtration system/ 12 gallon hot water heater
-Forty gallons of fresh water storage and 20 gallons of grey water storage
-Thetford bathroom setup
-Ceramic tiling (individual designs giving the bathroom and living areas distinct looks)
-Washer and dryer
-Bike rack
-Custom shower and bathtub
-Two 68 watt low profile solar flex panels

This Airstream is fully functional both on, and off the grid. The Airstream is outfitted withstand-alone energy systems and the latest solar technology. While connected to shore power, the 50 amp power source allows you enough power to operate the entire trailer while charging the batteries. This “green” trailer was specially built for someone affected by chemical sensitivities, boasting extremely low VOC products and high quality building materials.
Whether you are at a campground or your backyard, this luxury Airstream will meet all of your needs.


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1966 - 21' Airstream ..................................................................................................................................!!!!!SOLD!!!!!


This beautiful trailer (built by Tad Taylor) was custom designed to be a work studio & get away.

Beautiful Birch / Ash countertops & woodwork, Anodized aluminum, 12 volt lighting run off 110 power or battery for off grid use.

Fresh water & grey water storage tanks for cooking & kitchen use. (no water heater)
Stainless steal counter with single burner cooktop & sink, Refrigerator, Larg amount of storeage, Fold out futon (to bed), Work table that converts to a sleeping quarters, AC unite / Heat pump, Small private side room for composting toilet,


24' 1967 Airstream .............................................................!!!!!SOLD!!!!!


Constructed in 2002 by Tad Taylor with high temperature baked enamel aluminum wall sheeting, miraflex formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation ( with double thick walls for more R value ) , Oak hardwood flooring,  14' awning, Air conditioner, double bay sink, and more !!  



Untitled-1 JILLIAN EXT..jpg
                                     Untitled-1 JILLIAN KITCHEN copy.jpgUntitled-1 JILLIAN BACK ROOM.jpgUntitled-1 JILLIAN BED.jpg



1954 Airstream .....................................!!!!SOLD!!!!


This classic has been buffed from the ground up; all damaged & scratched panels have been removed & polished to a beautiful shine!

This is an empty shell and ready for construction to begin!!





20' 1964 Airstream ............................................................!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!

Built by Tad Taylor in 2005 as a "safe room". 
This trailer has a ceramic tile floor, high tempature baked enamel wall sheeting, basic 120 electric and AC!      
 ( Located in the south west )  Call for more details!

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1972 Airstream Tradewind.......................................................!!!!!SOLD!!!!!

Ceramic tile, Anodized aluminum walls, full bathroom with shower, toilet, & washer/dryer combo.
There is a 30 gallon fresh water storage tank, along with a 50 gallon electric hot water heater, & a 20 gallon black water storage tank.

Lighting is all 12 volt with 120 standard outlets, Oven, refridgerator & mass storage!

Call or email for more information.


We just got back from a buying trip, and none of the trailers we looked at were worth anything.
We told one dealer we wouldn't take his trailer if he paid me to- it was in such bad shape.z


Yet this trailer was priced at over $6000.00! Be careful out there buyers! People are expecting to get a lot for trailers, even though they are junk!

For 20 years we have created the ultimate in healthy and environmentally correct travel trailers.
While also rebuilding many trailers to their original historical state, we have taken "tired"
trailers and strips them down to the bare bones. Starting with a quality frame and shell, we design
and rebuild these beauties into leading edge living and traveling environments. Using nontoxic
materials to create exciting interiors that may include solar power, energy efficient shells,
increased electrical power systems, and updated systems and appliances.

Our full service metal and wood shops are busy with custom designed creations for both our trailer
and home projects. We control all aspects of high quality healthy wood work, including providing
safe un-dipped or unsprayed native and exotic woods, cutting, fabrication and finishing, using
specialty nontoxic sealers in an environmentally controlled shop.
Our metal shop is also busy preparing parts and interior finishing items for trailers and
other projects. From design to delivery, we offer quality control and custom creations you will
find nowhere else in the world.

We have a few great projects that we are doing this year, including period renovations where
original interiors are rebuilt, and two with super modern interiors with up to date conveniences
and modern fixtures. Coming shortly will be photos of a project just completed, with a custom built
stainless steel counter top, ceramic cook top, solid wood cabinets and blue and white checker board
floors! This is the first of a number of more modern designs we have slated and designed for this
year. We are working with a number of clients that require both high quality design, materials and
fixtures, and a clean modern look! Though we will be doing rebuilds of original interiors on a
couple of trailers as well, the clean modern designs we started a number of years ago, seem to be
the full focus this year.

This is a simple note to all Airstream and trailer owners of the very serious health risk posed by
Hanta virus. This disease is common in contaminated homes and work places [ESPECIALLY older
buildings, as well as old trailers] where rodent activity, particularly stool, urine and bodies
have been left, especially in contaminated wall and ceiling cavities. Use caution not to stir up
and breath dust, or touch surfaces with bare hands. Use gloves and bleach [ 1 1/2 cups per gallon]
or alcohol to decontaminate surfaces. Get dust and dirt wet or damp before working with it, to
lower the ability for dust to spread or be breathed in.

Older trailers, especially 1960 trailers and earlier, are almost all filled with mouse contaminated
insulation. Almost all the trailers we have worked on are filled with serious contamination. If you
have an old trailer, be very aware of the odor that is coming from it, especially in wet or damp
weather, where those odors can become quite strong. We recommend any trailer with this type of
contamination be completely torn apart, removing interior wall panels, including under pan area, to
eliminate all contaminated materials. This is a serious problem, and is fairly standard for early
70's trailers on back. For more info on Hanta virus, contact the CDC.

After testing MAX AIR VENTS under different weather conditions, it has become clear that these will
not stop water infiltration. These should not be left opened all the time or rain and snow will
enter the trailer. Our testing included leaving numerous vents opened through the four seasons
under all weather conditions. Windblown rain, foggy damp conditions, heavy downpours and snow all
filter through, in some cases creating extreme water penetration. Anyone installing these vents
should be aware of their limitations, and always close vents up during long periods of absence and
during extreme weather.

We have been called for a number of repairs jobs for trailer that were unattended during the winter
months, where snow loads caused structural cave ins and dented roof and wall panels. Snow build up
this past winter caused serious problems all over the north east, and repairs to return trailers to
original conditions may be difficult. Interior wall studs have been bent and broken, causing
wrinkling of both interior and exterior panels, stressing of rivets and opening of rivet holes and
seams. The best solution for these problems is removal of damaged panels and installation of new
studs and panels. In some cases, new panels can be installed over the old ones, but this may be the
case in rare instances only. Damages were basically focused on the long run opened areas where no
interior wall sections protrude into the mid-section of the trailer, especially in larger trailers
from the front cowling back to the first wall section at the back of the kitchen area.

We recommend that anyone with problems of this type, at least have the trailer properly sealed to
prevent further water damages, whether the trailer is to be properly rebuilt or not.

Winter is coming!!! In future winters, extra support with a 2x4 or two resting between the floor
and interior ceiling studs will help prevent damages. In fact, running several 2 x 4's horizontally
across the high point in the roof, supported by other vertical members, would be best in heavy snow load zones.

There are always a number of projects in progress at our site. Projects vary from stripped clean
room trailers, to full dress antique trailers, which are decorated to the hilt! Check out our photos!

This is where we start all our projects , with all the interior materials removed, and the wall
adhesives ground off the aluminum panels.[ note the far end cowling area and the buffed look. This
area was solid tar before cleaning. This tar, even though 40 years old and flaking off in some
areas while thick and gooey in others, still smells very badly. Consider what this odor or the
toxic's from this would be like in a wall cavity that could reach 200 degrees in the hot summer
sun!]. The floor and lower pan will be scrubbed clean before new insulation and decking are added.
New safety glass was added to certain windows, and the lower pan re fastened. There are several
structural members in a bad state, these will be replaced. A specially designed and insulated deck,
installed to prevent water and air infiltration will be added to increase insulation R value,
strength and to reduce frame and body flexing.